Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Eco-Friendly Finishes and Dustless Sanding

One of the great things about hardwood flooring is the ability to refinish and restore them for generations. Whether your flooring is damaged and worn or you’re just wanting to change the look we have the ability to restore and customize them to your needs. Utilizing our dustless refinishing process along with our state of the art sanding equipment we make the process easier, cleaner, and most importantly – beautiful.

We also have a wide variety of Finish and Stain solutions available. The majority of products we use are environmentally friendly and some of the most durable in the industry -thus guaranteeing your floors stay looking great for years to come!

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Hardwood Flooring Installation

Custom and NWFA Certified Flooring Installations

Specializing in hardwood over the years has given us the opportunity to install 1,000’s of sqft in 100’s of homes throughout Northeast Ohio. This single focus gives way to us ensuring that every project we tackle is not only done correctly but is completed with the highest level of technical quality and visual appeal.

  • NWFA Certified Installation Guidelines

  • Workmanship Warranty on Every Project

  • Custom and Unique Installation Designs
  • Local and Sustainable Sourced Materials
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Hardwood Flooring Maintenence

Residential and Commercial Hardwood Flooring Maintenence

Sometimes a full sanding isn’t the only option for your hardwood floors. If your hardwood finish is just looking dull or dirty we can easily restore them with no sanding involved and in a short amount of time. With our completely dust-free/sand-free recoating system we can have your floors looking great again with minimal inconvenience to your home or business.

We also offer the traditional approach in what we call a screen and recoat. With this process, we can lightly sand your floor and reapply one or more coats of finish to give your floors a fresh look and reprotect them for years to come. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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Get to Know Us!

Josh Hammond
Josh HammondOwner
Josh Hammond Started FloorAnthropy in 2007 after realizing the Demand for a company that specializes in Hardwood Flooring. He visualized a company that not only put high-end quality into their work but also customer service. His dedication to that commitment has given FloorAnthropy the continual growth and reputation it has today.

“We want to be more than just a couple guys and a truck; we want to create a company that serves its customers, community, and employees. With that always on our mind the rest will fall into place” –Josh Hammond