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Who We Are

Our Mission is simple – to operate this business with the same level of honesty and quality that we would want ourselves to be treated with!

We guarantee that you will get the highest level of quality and professionalism every time no matter the situation. Being in this industry for so many years has given us a realistic expectation of how projects should be run and the importance of communication with each customer. We offer workmanship warranties on all of our projects and we make sure every aspect is done in accordance with manufacture recommendations and above industry standards!

We enjoy the many hats it takes to run a small business – it can be challenging to work with the same couple people day in and day out, but we make it work when everyone is on the same page and has the same goal. Our outlook isn’t to be the biggest company in Northeast Ohio – it’s to become the best at what we do and create an environment that’s enjoyable to be a part of!

A lot of companies will tell you that quality is #1, but believe us when we say that excellence in workmanship is our goal first and foremost. If you’re just looking for the lowest price and you’re okay with subpar work, then were not the company for you! What we offer is years of experience, training, and a passion for this industry at fair and competitive pricing.

Starting business was never a scary thing for me –  I always knew that being self-employed was the direction I would go with my life. Working in different trades growing up exposed me to a lot of opportunities and environments within the construction industry – when I found wood flooring I knew this was something that I not only enjoyed but a skill that challenged me both technically and creatively.
Like most young entrepreneurs, I took that giant leap into the unknown and started FloorAnthropy back in 2007. The journey has not always been easy and there was a lot of learning along the way – but now over 10 years later I can honestly say that my passion for this industry has not only grown to levels I never imagined but it has given myself and now family something to be proud of and call our own!

– Josh Hammond/Owner

Since 2007

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Meet Our Team

Josh Hammond
Josh HammondOwner
Josh started this company in 2007 with a passion for business and flooring – when Josh isn’t running a sander you can find him spending time with his wife and 3 wonderful kids!
Brian Ailor
Brian AilorInstaller/Refinisher
Brian Joined our the team back in 2013 and he’s a wizard at making sure you don’t see any scratches in your floor. He’s also a wizard at Fishing – if you have a fishing hole close he’ll most likely spend his lunch there!

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